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Valley Forge Hog was formed on December 1986. Riding has always been the most important activity with the club and at Montgomery County Harley Davidson (now renamed Valley Forge Harley Davidson) and we have a special countryside with a unique history to enjoy as we ride.

Adjacent to the dealership stands Valley Forge National Park where, on December 19, 1777 , the Revolutionary soldiers and General George Washington arrived and set up encampment for a long and cold winter. They went hungry and suffered terribly at the hands of the Pennsylvania winter. Throughout this bitter winter they drilled, worked on their skills as soldiers and prepared for the battles ahead. As they made it through the winter their courage was put to the test as Americans; and in the end, the American Soldier showed, not only the British soldiers, who were encamped in Philadelphia, warm and well fed, but the world what it meant to fight to be free men.

They had stayed at Valley Forge until June 19, 1778 and won the battle of independence through their will of survival and courage at Valley Forge and on the battle fields that lay ahead for the next five years. Through their sacrifice a new nation was born.

Today the park remains almost as it did then with many visitors traveling to experience the revolutionary war and our nation’s small beginnings. They come to the park to hear the faint echoes of the past but now it includes the roar of Harley Davidson’s. The Valley Forge HOG Chapter fills the country side with sounds of adventure and a new independence of riding free given to us by those willing to fight and die for freedom. We shall remember those soldiers at Valley Forge and all our soldiers that fight today for our right to Live and Ride Free. Come and explore the Valley Forge Harley Davidson Dealership and Valley Forge H.O.G and see why America starts here.

Please explore our site and see why Valley Forge HOG is a fun place for the growing experience of riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

We are still gathering History of our club please check back for new tabs and stories.

Valley Forge HOG Historian

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